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 Great Quality Components = Great Home Theater-

 Advanced Tech Systems offers Yamaha's AVENTAGE series of Home Theater Receivers, Preamps, and Amplifiers. AVENTAGE brings studio grade sound and sophisticated video enhancements to your home with unparalleled attention to detail in design, engineering and fabrication. This excellent line-up can handle anything from a simple family room surround-sound system with an added pair of speakers on the deck, to a full 11.2 dedicated home theater with Dolby Atmos. With network and streaming capabilities and all the latest audio and video standards, you can be assured of a great home theater experience!

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Atmos is the latest audio format from Dolby that includes speakers in the walls and in the ceiling to create the most immersive surround-sound environment yet. It is designed to place the sound in precisely the correct location for an amazing effect! If you have to have the best- we've got it!

Advanced Tech Systems

2606 Phoenix Dr. Suite 600 

Greensboro, NC 27406
Phone: (336) 299-6695
Fax: 336.299.6692