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ATS is proud to design, install, and program high-quality lighting control products from Lutron-

A well-designed, properly installed lighting control system may be one of the greatest enhancements you can add to your home and lifestyle. With the touch of a button, light a pathway as you arrive at home. With another touch, set the mood just right to entertain guests or just enjoy an evening at home. Reduce wall-clutter by replacing gangs of switches with a simple, backlit and engraved keypad that’s always easy to see and easy to use. Our clients love their lighting control systems because they bring a new level of convenience, comfort, and security into their home lives. They can even check in on the house using a smartphone or tablet. Whether you’re building something new, or you want to add lighting controls to your existing home, we can show you how to get the most out of this great technology!

*Advanced Tech Systems is a Preferred Systems Provider for Lutron Radio RA2, HomeworksQS, QS Shading Systems, and Ivalo LED Lighting.

Need answers for LED dimming and control? Advanced Tech Systems has all the resources to ensure a proper design and a great result!

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