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Lutron's Premier Lighting Control System-

Homeworks QS is Lutron's premier control system, with all the features and horsepower needed to make this the perfect system for larger projects and new construction. This system is the perfect platform for complete home management, offering unparalleled convenience, security, and flexibility. And our team has years of experience designing systems that are easy for the homeowner to use and make home life a pleasure.

  • Automate lights for convenience and security including true "Vacation Mode" which imitates your presence while you are away
  • Replace large banks of switches with simple, backlit and engraved keypads
  • Have your lights react logically to time of day and the use of your home
  • Simple one-touch activation of lighting scenes and pathways
  • Have lights respond to alarm conditions from your security system
  • Operate your lights remotely with a mobile device
  • ...and more

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Advanced Tech Systems

2606 Phoenix Dr. Suite 600 

Greensboro, NC 27406
Phone: (336) 299-6695
Fax: 336.299.6692