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 One Remote to Rule Them All-

If you are using four remotes to control your TV system, you know how difficult it can be. Often there is only one person in a household who even knows how to work the system. If you've tried setting up your own "universal remote", you know that this can be frustrating too- there are just still too many steps involved in controlling your system. ATS provides PC-programmed Universal Remotes that really control the whole system- and anyone can use them! Important keys are:

  • Simple, one-touch commands are used to set the whole system up for whatever you want to watch- you don't need to memorize a series of steps.
  • Typically, these remotes are RF (radio-frequency), so the components you are controlling can remain in a closed cabinet- you don't have to have line-of-sight, and the equipment can even be in a different room or closet if you like.
  • No other remotes are needed- this remote will control all the components of your system, even those specific "Netflix" buttons, or that "Blue" button your cable box wants you to use- we'll put them all on one remote and make it easy for you to use!

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ATS is proud to offer remotes from: Universal Remote & Elan



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