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Music Throughout Your Home-

Today, all the music in the world can be right in the palm of your hand. Rock, Jazz, Classical, Country..... what's your pleasure? Music speaks to us- it helps us unwind- it enhances our day, our mood, and our home. We can install a system that will deliver great-sounding music in all the places you want it- and you can control it right from a smart phone or other device that you already own! With high-quality components from Yamaha, Sonos and Elan, we can recommend, design, and install the perfect system for you- large or small. Call us- you'll be glad you did!

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A Few of the Premium Brands We Offer: Elan, Sonos, Yamaha, Sonance...





Want to control more of your home? Let us show you how to Control it All!


Advanced Tech Systems

2606 Phoenix Dr. Suite 600 

Greensboro, NC 27406
Phone: (336) 299-6695
Fax: 336.299.6692